Statement: Round 1: Qatar – Doha

“We started the Friday with continue the work of the working plan we had from the test. We had to try more things to check if the Ideas we got from the test were working or not. The FP1 we just use to get more feedback and to decide which setting we are gonna use for FP2 in the afternoon. In FP2 I managed to ride a fast lap and secure me a seat in Q2, which was important. The morning session of Saturday we continued working to find a better setup.

In the first qualifying session of the year I ended in P9 although I didn’t felt good with the setting. But always seeing the positive that we get more informations.

For the warm up session on Sunday we took all the adjustments I liked and putted them together and I had to say I didn’t felt too bad and had a good first session of the day. But it was difficult to see if the changes we did were improvements or not, as the conditions for the race were changing a lot.

In the race I started well but lost the group in front of me cause I had a battle with another rider. The conditions were not easy with a strong wind, and I had to risk to catch the group in front of me. At one point of the race I was really close to the group but I got problems with arm pump and rear grip, I couldn’t hold the pace and lost a lot.

At the end I finished P10, not a good result but we have to see the positive things, we finished the race, got more km on the bike and we got more informations which we need next weekend for the second race of the season. -JN9”

Jorge Navarro

Moto2 Rider, SpeedUp